Vammas SB5505

The airport sweeper-blower SB5505 is the latest generation of VAMMAS equipment, which represent a new level of efficiency when it comes to snow removal. The futuristic design, reliability and optimised fuel consumption are just some of the advantages of the new VAMMAS sweeper-blowers. The position of the engine and the hydraulic systems above the truck chassis is a major innovation which optimises the load distribution and enables more efficient and faster operation.

The SB5505 model is designed for use on aprons, taxiways and runways and their easy operation means that they can be quickly deployed in the event of a sudden deterioration in weather conditions. The combination of the plough, sweeper and blower ensures maximum performance even when operating at speeds above 60 km/h. This sweeper-blower has a quick release plough and a broom transporting position, for easy storage in any maintenance facility. 


Technical parameters SB5505
Total length 14,5 m
Total width -working mode 6,7 m
Total width-transport mode 2,55 m
Total height-working mode 3,3 m
Total height-service mode 5,1 m
Broom core length 6,7 m
Broom width-working mode (35°) 5,5 m
Broom diameter 1125 mm
Broom rotation 800 rpm
Broom turning angle left/right Standard 35°
Blower air flow up to 11,5 m3/s
Maximum air speed 500 km/h
Recommended operating speed 40-60 km/h
Aggregate engine STAGE 5 Volvo 315 kW


Key Advantages

  •  Sweeper engine and hydraulic system are placed above the truck saddle. It optimises the load distribution and eliminates the ballasting of the truck;
  • Innovative system of broom suspension enables for precise fitting of the broom to cleaned surface - broom "floating" function. It eliminates the broom vibrations;
  • Expanded service platforms facilitate maintenance operations;
  • Easy access for fuel tank;
  • Rear steering axle enables the sweeper to reduce its turning radius;
  • Blower automatic lifting system to avoid obstacles;
  • Support legs are permanently mounting to sweeper. It enables for easy disconnecting the truck;
  • Fiberglass cover lifting ensures comfortable maintenance operations.

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